Reasons why your phone is charging slowly and how to fix it

October 22, 2019 3 Comments

Reasons why your phone is charging slowly and how to fix it

We always keep online and connect with our friends and families. However, as we depend more and more on our phone, the battery power is not enough for our daily use. Think about the maximum time your phone battery keeps alive recently. It would be very annoying if the phone charging is slow.  But don't worry, if you find your phone charging is slow, follow us to find the right cause and solve it.

1. Your cable is broken

Cables are always the first possible cause. If you change the cable and the charging speed is back to normal, your cable is the source of the problem. Not all cables are durable. When there are tons of cables in the market, it's hard to choose a quality one.

Solve it: Please purchase brand cables so the quality is guaranteed and you can enjoy the warranty. If you bought Amoner's cable and it brokes in 1 year, we'll refund you or replace it for you. Just contact us by email or Facebook, we'll help solve the problem.

2. Your charger is broken

It can be the reason but the more common situation is that you can't charge your phone with a broken charger.

Solve it: you need to replace a brand charger to ensure the charging speed and safety. Attention: it's very likely to damage your devices using an inferior charger.

3. Your cable/charger doesn't support fast charging as your phone does.

If your phone supports fast charging, the right charger for you is the quick charger. There are icons standing for QC 3.0, QC 2.0, PD and other charging standards on the charger. And there should be an explanation for the cables too. The newer standard is compatible with the old ones generally. You can check if your phone supports fast charging by reading our blog here.

Solve it: Choose the right charger and cable for your phone.

4. The USB port is damaged

The USB port on the cable or on the phone might be broken. The cable can't plug into your phone or it will slide out.

Solve it: try another cable and if it can't be solved, your phone needs a repair.

5. The plug is deformed

Solve it: you can slightly adjust it in your hands. But better to choose a quality charger instead.

6. Background apps

It's a very headachy problem - not only when charging - before the Android phones don't have efficient managing resources. The rogue apps will run in the background and draw your battery power even it's not supposed to work.

Solve it: Install a manager app to check all the app statements and uninstalling the rogue apps.

7. Playing while charging

If you can't quit playing even when it's charging, the charging can be slow. If you use the chargers and cables that can't provide powerful enough energy, your phone would even lose power while charging. Otherwise, it may damage your phone battery, especially for the old phones without the charging protection tech. You might know the News of dangerous explosions while charging, be careful of it.

Solve it: Don't play on your phone while charging.

7. Your phone battery is bad

Phone batteries can't work always as efficient as the very beginning hours. Your phone battery degrades slightly with every charge cycle. If your phone is old and never changed your battery, it's likely your battery is bad.

Solve it: You can change a new battery in a phone repair shop near you. 

Above all is the possible reasons for your phone slow charging. Hope this checklist could help. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us via email or on Facebook.

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iphone screen repair Auckland

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