How do we avoid the damage caused by wearing headphones?

June 04, 2019

How do we avoid the damage caused by wearing headphones?

Headphones are a good thing, wearing headphones to listen to music, radio is a good choice. But in fact, sometimes it is helpless, for example, in order to create a closed space atmosphere will have to wear headphones or go out on the road to listen to sound, but how much damage in this, at least not small, the degree will be because the device wearing headphones, the way and time will be huge difference, how to avoid the damage caused by wearing headphones, Let headphones better enrich the content of our lives, rather than damage hearing.



1.Be sure to pay attention to time control when wearing headphones.


Wear headphones for a long time, will cause serious damage to ear hearing, no matter what the headset device, sound size, ear long time wearing headphones, will be in a confined space, volume into the ear, the long time to stimulate the eardrum auditory nerve, a long time, the human body will appear tinnitus, insomnia, headache, hearing loss and other symptoms , And it is not an exaggeration to say that even more will lead to permanent deafness. Therefore, when wearing headphones on a daily basis must pay attention to the control of time, intermittent stop wearing headphones.



2.In addition to the time to wear headphones is not too long, the following are additional considerations.


(1)When you wear headphones, your ears feel itchy and slightly sore, or an early warning signal from your ears, you should stop wearing headphones or lowering the volume immediately. It's a launch that the ear makes in a lot of volume stimulation conditions.


(2)You wear headphones to listen to the sound volume to the right amount, do not in the noisy environment to turn up the volume to listen, so that the ear damage is fatal, especially in the lively public places, in order to listen to music, desperately turn up the volume is serious injury to hearing.


(3)We need to pay attention to the headset sanitary cleaning, looks to wear the position and storage area are still relatively clean, but in fact the ear is very dirty, to often disinfect and clean up, the most direct close to the inside of the ear position, there will be ear dirt contamination.



3.Some scenes are still not recommended to wear headphones.


(1)When exercising, especially in the exercise of fierce confrontation, the collision between people is easy to cause headphones to fall, seriously will hit the headset into the ear deeper position, not recommended to wear headphones.


(2)When driving, sometimes for convenience, will use headphones to answer the phone, which is actually very dangerous, will give safety buried hidden dangers, after all, use headphones to listen to sound will distract attention and listening concentration.


There is no problem with wearing headphones on a daily basis, technology equipment is to better serve life. First of all to choose a suitable headset, do not pay too much attention to the image, comfortable and high quality is the key. Second, wear as few headphones as possible and use headphones to listen directly to the best sound. Finally is to wear headphones to listen to the sound of more intermittent stop, wearing headphones after more massage massage ears, relax the ear by sound stimulation after the pressure.

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